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Showing URL as document path

From: Georges Rosset <gro(at)>
Date: Wed Nov 29 2006 - 17:07:43 GMT
Dear Swish-e gurus,

I'm using swish-e to index files on a Novell file server.

Swish-e is installed on a Linux machine, with a ncpmount to
mount the required Novell volume on the Linux machine. Swish-e
(version swish-e-2.5.5-2006-11-27) runs perfectly and index
correctly all the PDF, DOC and Excel files that reside on the
Novell file server. An Apache server runs on the Linux machine to
provide search results. All this works very well.

The problem is that swish-e creates the index with the URL and
document path containing the URL of the Apache server and the
local ncpmount point.

Is there a way to configure swish-e to have the URL and the
document path containing the drive and volume that are actually
mapped on the user's workstations (windows OS) ?

For example:

instead to have a document URL and document path such as:


to have:


Thanking you.
Best regards

Georges Rosset
System Engineer
World Council of Churches - Geneva / Switzerland
Phone:  +4122-791-6188 
Received on Wed Nov 29 09:07:49 2006