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ppthtml memory leak

From: Gertjan Hofman <gertjan_hofman(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 16 2006 - 18:52:44 GMT
This is not a swish-e issue, but I thought I would ask
if anyone had seen this or has a solution.

With the patch for the kill signal working, swish-e
tried to quietly index our site again. At somepoint I
stopped getting a response from the web browser that
runs on the (Ubuntu 6.06) machine and I feared another
swish related issue. A reboot and a bit of
investigation later and it looks like the problem is

I have a 8Mb .ppt file which causes ppthtml to eat
memory until there is nothing left. Now it turns out
the .ppt file is corrups (MS-office cant read it) but
of course there is no way of knowing a priori.

I tried building ppthtml from the chicago source forge
site, but it has the same problem. The c-code seems
very convoluted and I have no hope/time/interest to
investigate this.

Of course I can exclude the file from the search, but
it's still a bug in ppthtml. 

There could be any number of bugs like this in the
helper programs. Is there a good way of ensuring
helper programs don't run amok ? I tried using the
limit memoryuse command in the  (tcsh) shell script
that runs swish-e but it seems to have no effect on my



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Received on Thu Nov 16 10:53:04 2006