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fix for my stemmer_en2 issue

From: brad miele <bmiele(at)>
Date: Fri Nov 10 2006 - 21:00:02 GMT

I was messing around trying to figure out what was making the Stemmer_EN2 
stuff not work in 2.4.4. i noticed that stemmer.c in 2.4.4 was different 
from the one in 2.4.3. notably, in the section starting at line 117, under 
"static FUZZY_OPTS fuzzy_opts[] = {" i find that when i remove the two 
references at the top to:

     { FUZZY_STEMMING_EN2,       "Stemming_en",      Stem_snowball, 
porter_create_env, porter_close_env, porter_stem },
     { FUZZY_STEMMING_EN2,       "Stem",             Stem_snowball, 
porter_create_env, porter_close_env, porter_stem },

and rebuild, things seem to work as i would expect, i say seem, because i 
may be completely wrong since i am only testing the specific issue that 
started this. it may well have negative implications somewhere else that 
my lack of understanding doesn't...well, understand.

i figured that since the line:

{ FUZZY_STEMMING_EN2,       "Stemming_en2",     Stem_snowball, 
english_create_env, english_close_env, english_stem },

appeared lower in the list, with a slightly different lang_stem, maybe i 
was ok.

anyway, just wanted to see if by fixing it for my situation, i was 
breaking it elsewhere...

Brad Miele
VP Technology
866 476 7862 x902
Received on Fri Nov 10 13:00:51 2006