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32/64 bit woes - yanking out the portability code

From: Robin Gist <djkryptyk(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 19 2006 - 01:46:32 GMT
hello -- i'm running both 32 and 64 bit AMD procs (generating the index file
on a 64 bit machine, web server is 32 bit).  seeing that the indices aren't
portable, i have been hacking up the source myself.  i've already been into
compress.c, and hard coded the long size there -- which got me past the
first error message seen (unknown file type).  now i'm down to the next one
-- index / props mismatch error.

seeing that i can find nothing on how to resolve the impedance mismatch on
the index files, anyone attempted this yet?  it seems with the proliferation
of 64 bit machines (and the mixed site architectures) out there that someone
has fixed the rather ironic problem in the portability code.

any pointers on how to approach this?

thanks up front

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