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Re: SWISH-E 2.4.4 filters can not locate files

From: Ludovic Drolez <ldrolez(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 17 2006 - 06:31:19 GMT
David L Norris wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-10-16 at 16:06 -0700, Gertjan Hofman wrote:
>>I am bit confused. Why is the file name string being
>>quoted AND escaped ? Seems like just quoting should do
>>the job under Bourne, no ?
> I believe the problem was that quoting filenames which contains quotes
> fail.

Hi !

On the contrary, the quoting is done to avoid problem with quotes in
filenames (before that I was unable to index files with single quotes or
double quotes, and specialy crafted filenames could lead to arbitrary
command invocations :-( ). No quotes should be added for filter invocation,
you should invoque the filters like this, for example:

Filefilter  .pdf %p

Maybe something needs to be updated in the docs ?


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Received on Mon Oct 16 23:31:22 2006