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Re: forcing meta values when indexing

From: Philippe A. <futhark77(at)>
Date: Sun Sep 24 2006 - 17:01:51 GMT
> Not sure I follow.  You want to do a full-text search on the resume
> and then look up the related candidate in the database for each
> search result?

Yes that's it.

    select * from candidate where resume_file = ?

I wanted to use the cand_id badly. I'll just concatenate it in the filename
and work from there.

My initial question isn't very important anymore, but I'd like to know
anyway: is there a way to force abritraty metas in the index? I mean, by cfg
or command line arg? I'm not fond of playing with a doc structure (on the
fly or not).

Thanks again for your support. It's much appreciated!

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