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searching for file names

From: Gertjan Hofman <gertjan_hofman(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 11 2006 - 23:14:35 GMT
Dear Swish user,

When I am searching for a file of a given name using
swishdocpath=<phrase> only those files are returned
that have <phrase> seperated from the rest of the file
name by either a space or underscore (and possibly
others characters). In other words: if phrase = 22045
then swish-e will return

myfile_22045_a.dat    but not


Assuming of course that both were parsed and stored in
the database.

Is there a simple way to change this behaviour (and
return both)? I read through the options once again
but didnt spot anything. I have a sneaking suspicion
that this question has a trivial answer.

Much appreciated


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Received on Mon Sep 11 16:14:37 2006