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Re: Thanks for the effort

From: Foo JH <jhfoo-ml(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 11 2006 - 02:49:41 GMT
> Do you have anything specific you were looking for in a new release?
> New features or issues you would like to see resolved?
Ah yes, everybody who uses Swish-E naturally gets inspired to do more 
with it! I have 2 simple ones on my list:
1. Long filenames tend to have issues being recognised, especially those 
with spaces in between
2. Integer range search. Date range is fine (that's usually the end 
goal), but if it's not possible, then a simple long int is good enough.

I read from the mailing list, that there are some who are hoping to get 
swish-e to work on their local language (korean? japanese?). That's a 
common qn with other search engines too, and I remember that it's also 
on your 3.0 to-do list. But for me, a powerful latin1 version on Windows 
will suffice.

Received on Sun Sep 10 19:49:44 2006