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URL needs to be something other than swishdocpath

From: Paul David Mena <paul(at)>
Date: Sat Jul 29 2006 - 16:48:09 GMT
Greetings from balmy Boston!

First off, I must say that swish-e is practically perfect: very easy to 
install and configure.  The output is in a format that is very easy to 
use and to understand.  I have what I believe is a small configuration 
issue that I hope I can address with a minimum of heartburn.

I'm using swish.cgi to search a directory on my desktop called 
/www/html/ACDRA.  This is served up by my apache server as 
http://localhost/html/ACDRA.  When I execute swish.cgi it correctly 
identifies those pages containing the desired text, but the link listed 
is incorrect: http://localhost/www/html/ACDRA.  Running swish.cgi in 
debug mode shows that it is basically plugging the variable swishdocpath 
into the URL.  Is there some way to override this without editing the 
CGI code itself? 

Thanks in advance...

Received on Sat Jul 29 09:48:22 2006