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Re: Add link popularity to indexer

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 17:05:45 GMT
this is a oft-requested feature. search the mail archive for other threads.

one way to approach this is to add a property via a filter/-S prog combination 
and then sort first by that property, secondly by rank.

Cas Tuyn scribbled on 7/27/06 7:04 AM:
> Hi,
> We have implemented Swish-e via the spider method, and notice the
> results are not ranked according to the most useful first. We already
> gave extra points to the title, description and H1,H2,H3.
> Every project in our company has a welcome page, with links to the
> team members, background literature, project documentation, output
> examples and deliverables. Ideally if people search for the project
> name, they should find the project welcome page, but instead they find
> the detailed pages below the project, because they mention the project
> name more often, and have the project name in their title and
> description too.
> I already went as far to remove the descriptions from the underlying
> pages, so that the welcome page would have a 8 point headstart, but
> that's not enough to raise the welcome page to the #1 position.
> Is there a way to import traffic server logs into the index results,
> so that whatever is visited most, gets extra points?
> We certainly do not want to emulate Google where popularity is based
> on the amount of links into a page, because our intranet is a means,
> not a goal by itself. Page owners must write down their knowledge, and
> not worry about raising their or other people's pages in the search
> engine.
> One way could be that the distance from the spider home page which is
> the indexing start point adds a multiplier to all results:
>  - indexer start = times 6
>  - level 1 = times 5
>  - level 2 = times 4
>  - level 3 = times 3
> etc.
> Looking forward to your replies and suggestions...
> Cas

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
Received on Thu Jul 27 10:05:48 2006