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MetaNamesRank working?

From: Robert Stoeber <Robert(at)>
Date: Fri Jul 07 2006 - 14:04:07 GMT

We are running Swish-e 2.4.3 on a news web site.  Everything is working
great but I have two little issues that people keep asking about:

Question 1) Each of our news stories has a headline, company name, and
the story itself.  When searching for a word I would like to make the
company name "rank" higher than if the word is found in the body copy. 
In other words, if the user searches for "Park City" I would like a
story about Park City Towing to rank higher than a bunch of other
stories that happen to have "park" and "city" in the text.

I tried to set this up in the config file like so:

MetaNamesRank 10 company
MetaNamesRank  6 swishtitle

and the actual documents have headers like this:

<meta name="company" content="$companyname">
<meta name="pubdate" content="$pubdate">
<meta name="cid" content="$companyid">

So the question is, should this work?  Do I need higher numbers in the
MetaNamesRank options?  Am I missing some other config option?

Question 2) There are many company names that contain a hyphen, such as
Alpha-Medical Systems, or A-Top Company.  If we include the hyphen in
WordCharacters a search on "A-Top" is found correctly, but Alpha is not
found as a separate word.  If we remove the hyphen from WordCharacters
we can find Alpha, but not A-Top.

I've tried creating two indexes, one with a hyphen and one without, and
then merging them.  But I got an error about different index types
(can't remember the exact phrase).  Is there any other workaround that
would treat hyphenated words as both a single word and individual words?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Received on Fri Jul 7 07:04:13 2006