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Swish-e working with Ajax

From: François Tissandier <francois.tissandier(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 06 2006 - 13:41:44 GMT
I don't know if it was done before on other websites, I didn't check the
full list from website. But here is a feedback on what we
have done:

we first worked on a typical search engine using Swish-e on our debian
server. It's working fine, it's much faster and efficient than our
previous search engine using mysql. Faster and less resources-hungry. 
We have then decided to see if "on the fly" searching would be possible,
as our CPU was sleeping during typical searches. And even on our small
server (it's a Celeron 2Ghz I think, with 512Mo RAM), it's working

The idea is to show the top 25 results as soon as three letters have
been typed. For each new letter, you have new results. If you have only
one result left, it opens it automatically, you don't even have to click
on anything. We used an open source code from another website, and adapt
it a bit. But it's still basic Ajax, it calls a PHP page, calling the
swish search engine. 

So technically it's easy, and surprisingly to us, it's not killing our
CPU or harddrive at all! You can test it on, search
engine is at the top right corner. 

The popup window has some localization problem, but the idea is there.

Received on Thu Jul 6 06:41:46 2006