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Re: SWISH-E digest 2364

From: Glenn Hammonds <rghammonds(at)>
Date: Sat May 27 2006 - 15:05:00 GMT
> > >> swish-e -w 'not somewordIknowisnotinmyindex'
> > > What about "not(a and not a)" ?
> >
> > yup. that's good. and guaranteed to work regardless of the index content.
> Will someone with a big index time the difference between those two?

I've a set of indices totaling 240,000 documents, 1.3 million words,
134 million word positions installed in a relatively unloaded BSD
system.    Discounting initial runs that took an extra second and
appear to have cached the indices, both searches took 4.8 seconds,
with remarkably little difference seen between various words used.

On another set installed on the same system with 7 million files, 2.4
million words and 700 million word positions, the search times were
208 seconds for 'not wordnotinindex' and 194 seconds for 'not(word and
not word)'.  I did them in that order, and expect a portion of the
difference in time was due to caching.  I only ran these once.

Were you expecting a big difference?
Received on Sat May 27 08:05:11 2006