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Re: Compile Swish under windows

From: Timo Haberkern <thaberkern(at)>
Date: Wed May 10 2006 - 07:18:30 GMT
Hi David,

thanks for your answer. The problem is that i can't compile swish-e with 
MSVC. I get a "Connot load the project due to a corrupt project 
file"-error when i try to open the src/win32/swishe.dsw project file. 
I'm using VS Studio 2003.

Any possible help?



Timo Haberkern

Weipertstr. 8-10
74076 Heilbronn

Tel.: 07131/7669-933
Fax:  07131/7669-939

David L Norris wrote:

>On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 07:04 -0700, Peter Karman wrote:
>>have you tried installing the swish-e port for windows and linking 
>>against that version of libswishe?
>Well, there are no import libraries or headers included with the Swish-e
>Windows installer.  Windows doesn't have runtime linking like on UNIX.
>Windows executables link against static libraries which manually connect
>each function in the DLL.  I didn't include development libraries and
>headers for reasons which elude my memory.
>Short answer: compile both swish-e then swish_php from source using a
>version of MSVC which PHP supports and you should end up with a set of
>libraries and such that work together.  You may need to link zlib into
>swish_php.  The MSVC debugger will generate errors telling you which
>functions are missing if you miss a library, of course.
>If I have time some day I'll see if it's possible to include swish_php
>in Windows builds.  Highly unlikely but maybe not impossible.  Looking
>back in my email, that's something we (Peter and I) briefly discussed a
>year ago (May 10 2005).  I suppose it's just not been a frequently
>requested feature.  2 mentions in two years...

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