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ANNOUNCE: Sman 1.00 Released (indexer for man pages)

From: Josh Rabinowitz <joshr-swishe(at)>
Date: Fri May 05 2006 - 00:21:26 GMT
Hello Everyone:

I've just released Sman VERSION 1.00! This is a bug and security fix over the
previous version.

Sman is a replacement for 'man -k' and 'apropos' based on Swish-e
and Perl. Sman indexes the complete text of your system's man pages
and runs on all tested UNIX-like OS's and environments, including
OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, cygwin, and others. It's called 'sman'
because it provides two programs, sman and sman-update, to search on
and create indexes of man pages.

Sman can be installed through CPAN by typing:
      % sudo cpan Sman

Sman 1.00 is now on CPAN at
as well as on my website at
it should also soon be on freshmeat at

Changes since version 0.99:

1.00   Thu May 04 2006
         Removed spurious error message when using sman's -v option 
without a query
         Changed source & -V version string to show Swish-e capitalized as here
         Test current Swish-e version more carefully in Sman::Util
         More error output in sman's undocumented --Debug mode
         Cleanup up how we check for $SWISH::API::VERSION
         Touchups to formatting of Changes file
         Updated various dates to 2006
         Tiny POD touchups

As always, please let me know if you have any comments
or discover any bugs.  Links for Sman are above!

      Josh Rabinowitz

-- Josh Rabinowitz                  --
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Received on Thu May 4 17:21:33 2006