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Re: Indexing Links

From: Michael Peters <mpeters(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 27 2006 - 13:04:38 GMT
intervolved none wrote:
> Thank you for the response.
>   Actually I do not care if the text within the the <a> tag is indexed.  I just want the links followed and indexed.   I do not want the text in the <a> tags stored in my description property.   

So you want the spider (I'm assuming you're using the spider to index,
right?) to follow the links, but the indexer to skip the text?

I think you can just wrap the links in <!-- SwishCommand noindex --> /
<!-- SwishCommand index --> tags and it will work. Those tell the
indexer to not index, but I'm pretty sure the spider just ignores them.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP
Received on Thu Apr 27 06:04:39 2006