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Unique Indexes

From: Patrick O'Lone <polone(at)>
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 13:54:52 GMT

I've been using swish-e for sometime now. I think it's a great product, 
but I've had to use a special hack to avoid heavy duplication issues 
within the index. I use MD5 checksums in an external Berkley DB file for 
maintaining uniqueness within a collection of documents - I was 
wondering if there is a better way. Is it possible to have a unique key 
in a swish-e index file or would that require the incremental mode 
feature? Also, will version 2.4.4 be coming out soon or is it on hold 
indefinitely? Thanks for any feedback!

Patrick O'Lone
Software Project Manager

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Received on Wed Apr 26 06:54:53 2006