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Word duplication in searches

From: Matthew Stanislawski <stnslwsk(at)>
Date: Wed Apr 19 2006 - 17:02:27 GMT

On my local swish-e setup, I notice that repeating a word in a search 
changes the search order a little, though the number of results is the same.

Example: For me, "test time" vs. "test test test time" vs. "test time 
time time" all return differently-ordered results.
Note: This doesn't happen when the word is the only unique word in the 
search (i.e., "test" and "test test" are treated the same), and word 
order doesn't seem to matter either.

I can't find anything on this in the documentation or list archives. 
Can someone explain the specific methodology swish-e uses to produce 
these results?  Might it be dependent on local config settings?

Received on Wed Apr 19 10:02:28 2006