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displaying indexed doc's content in results

From: Nicholas W. Miller <nick(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 31 2006 - 00:49:10 GMT
I'm using the command line to submit searches to Swish-e with a  
command like this:

swish-e -w "searchterm" -x '%t ::::: %p ::::: %r ::::: %l ::::: % 
d ::::: %D ::::: %I\n' -f /home/test/www/ 

This works great for HTML and PDF files, but Word documents don't  
return any content for the %d variable.  For HTML and PDF files, %d  
will return the contents of the file.  How can I get Swish-e to  
return the contents of Word docs?  Swish-e is indexing these docs  
successfully ... I can search for keywords in the docs and I get them  
returned as a search result ... but the %d value is empty.


Received on Thu Mar 30 16:49:16 2006