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Handling Embedded Markup

From: Sean <schliden(at)>
Date: Tue Mar 21 2006 - 03:06:28 GMT
I have a small problem when displaying search results in a web browser.

One of the indexed word documents contains the following text in a
formulae field:

{ADDIN REFMGR.CITE <Refman><Cite><Author>...</Author><Year>...</Year>

in an embedded formulae field (it is a reference manager citation)

Anyway, description is being truncated in the search results (as
expected) at the 250th char which happens to be here: "ADDIN
REFMGR.CITE <Refman><Cite><Author>Centre"

Obviously, the unclosed reference to <cite> is stuffing up the
formatting of the rest of the search results page.

Should this sort of thing get handled by the document filter program,
the search engine internally or during display of the results ?

Any suggestions ?

ps. I am using some homegrown asp code to display the search results.

Received on Mon Mar 20 19:06:30 2006