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Re: Formatting what the user sees...

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 10 2006 - 23:51:04 GMT
On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 01:03:04PM -0800, J Medrick Stevenson wrote:
> 1. I would like to change the wording when there are no results from "no 
> results" to "No Results Were Found." I am able to successfully change 
> other errstr messages, such as "Please enter a query string," but I 
> can't get a change to the no results message to show up. Is this pulled 
> from some other file?
> I tried to change the following code, with no success:
>         # Add in results-related headers
>         $headers->{'parsed words'} = join ' ', $results->ParsedWords(
>     ($swish->IndexNames)[0] );
>         if ( ! $results->Hits ) {
>             $self->errstr('no results');
>             return;
>         }
>         $headers->{'number of hits'} = $results->Hits;

"no results" is also reported directly by swish:

    $ swish-e -w dkdkd
    # SWISH format: 2.5.4
    # Search words: dkdkd
    # Removed stopwords: 
    err: no results

So, maybe it's in the code right above?

    if ( $swish->Error ) {
        $self->errstr( join ': ', $swish->ErrorString, $swish->LastErrorMsg );
        delete $cached_handles{$indexes} if $swish->CriticalError;

> 2. Is there anyway to remove the Reverse Sort checkbox option from the 
> search form? 

Edit TemplateDefault?

    return join "\n",
        'Sort by:',
            -name   =>'sort',
            -values => $sort_metas,
            -labels =>$name_labels
            -name   => 'reverse',
            -label  => 'Reverse Sort'

> 3. Also, I am using to format my results.  I would 
> like to rename that file something like and have the 
> swish.cgi find it, but I'm not sure what in the swish.cgi file to change.

>From perldoc swish.cgi:

=head2 How do I change the way the output looks?

The script uses a module to generate output.  By default it uses the module. The module used is selected in the
swish.cgi configuration file.  Modules are located in the
example/modules/SWISH directory in the distribution, but are installed in
the $prefix/lib/swish-e/perl/SWISH/ directory.

To make simple changes you can edit the installed SWISH::TemplatDefault
module directly, otherwise make a copy of the module and modify its package
name.  For example, change directories to the location of the installed
module and copy the module to a new name:

    $ cp

Then at the top of the module adjust the "package" line to:

    package SWISH::MyTemplateDefault;

To use this modules you need to adjust the configuration settings (either at
the top of F<swish.cgi> or in a configuration file:

        template => {
            package     => 'SWISH::MyTemplateDefault',

The module does not need to be in the SWISH namespace, and can be stored in
any location as long as the module can be found via the @INC array (i.e.
modify the "use lib" statement in swish.cgi if needed).

Bill Moseley

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Received on Fri Mar 10 15:51:08 2006