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Re: Trouble finding indexed words

From: <Mike.Fountain(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 02 2006 - 18:56:16 GMT
> swish-e -w swishdocpath=accovia

Thanks.  Thats exactly what I needed

/hangs head in shame./

And, as soon as I read it, I remembered metatag searching is in the

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                                                                         scribbled on 2/2/06 12:34 PM:

> Can somone explain what I'm doing wrong here?
> I use the following command to see what is in my index:
> swish-w -k a
> And the following is a snip of the results:
> accessible accessing accompanying account accounting accovia accurate
> But, when I try to search for the word accovia, I get the following:
> /www/swish$ swish-e -w accovia
> # SWISH format: 2.4.3
> # Search words: accovia
> # Removed stopwords:
> err: no results
> If shows up as an indexed word, shouldn't a word search be able to find

depends on what MetaName it's indexed under. Try a simple test document
containing that word, and/or use the -T option to dump out the index
contents to
see what metaname 'accovia' is being indexed under. If you don't specify
one, it
assumes 'swishdefault'.

> The word accovia should only only show up in the docpath, since it only
> appears in the name of a file.  The contents of the file cannot be
> so the filename is the only and only place the index can read it from.

if it's only in the docpath, it depends on whether you are indexing / as a
WordCharacter or not.

> I'm thinking perhaps I'm just missing something on the search command.
> In my swish.conf file, I have the following set:
> MetaNames keywords description swishdocpath
> If I don't have the swishdocpath set, then it never finds the word.  If I
> do have the swishdocpath set as a MetaName, it indexes it, but I can't
> to get it from a search.

swish-e -w swishdocpath=accovia

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
Received on Thu Feb 2 10:56:17 2006