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Re: Powerpoint and Visio

From: Scott Hepler <jscotth(at)>
Date: Sun Jan 29 2006 - 13:23:09 GMT
Hi Mike:

On Sun, Jan 29, 2006 at 01:06:08AM -0800, wrote:
>> Searching the discussion archives, seen some references to a
>> file that can be used to index power point files.  However, can't seem to
>> actually find this file.  Anyone have a point to where to get it (or
>> anything else that can help with power point files).
>> Also, does anyone have any ideas on how to index Visio files?  Can't find
>> anything on this anywhere on the web.
> Ok, got the powerpoint filter figured out.  Been staring at this server for
> _way_ too long.
> But, still interested in hearing if anyone has any ideas on how to index
> Visio files.

I'm glad that you had joy with the Powerpoint, but I can't offer much hope
for the Visio files.  I went looking for a working *nix viewer for Visio
files awhile back, and found that even running Microsoft's "Visio Viewer"
under Wine doesn't yet work especially well.  If you're running under
Windows you might be able to get something cobbled together there.  "Bah"
to closed formats.

I hope someone else here can point you in a more positive direction!

Good luck,

Scott Hepler
System Administration and Security
Web Development
Received on Sun Jan 29 05:23:20 2006