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Re: I need more info about swich-e architecture

From: Diego Billi <dbilli(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 26 2006 - 18:18:29 GMT
On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, Peter Karman wrote:

>> Hi,
>> i'm looking for more informations about swish-e's architecture because
>> i'd like to modify the code and it would be easier with some description.
>> I've read in the wiki that there isn't any documentation yet.
> I assume you're talking about the C code that builds the swish-e command line 
> tool and the libswish-e search library.

Yes, i'm sorry. I forgot to write it :)

>> Could any good man draw on a sheet a simple "snapshot" of the
>> architecture, do a photo with a digital camera and upload the image file 
>> somewhere? I could redraw it with some graphic editor (an SVG image for 
>> example) and send it back for the wiki.
> The C code remains undocumented because it is a shepherd's pie of several 
> contributors over 10 years. There are lots of comments in there, some of them 
> helpful, some less so.

I've seen them, but you probably know the difference between mere comments 
and technical documentation :P

> If you tell us what feature you want to modify, we might be able to point you 
> at the relevant .c files. Otherwise, the file and function names might give 
> some clue as to the workflow.

Well, I need to have a useful conceptual schema (like an E-R model, but i 
know that this example doesn't fit very well) of the
"database" (how indexes are store in files, what informations, how they 
are used, ecc..) 
because i probably need to add some more informations in indexes about 
docuement's words or tokens in general. I don't know what kind of 
informations yet.

Ok, thanks for your time.

P.S: I thought i can save time if i get a naive schema and you could have 
more users if i redo those useful schema for you..

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   Giusto alla fin della licenza io tocco."
Received on Thu Jan 26 10:18:31 2006