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Functionnality proposal

From: François Tissandier <francois.tissandier(at)>
Date: Fri Jan 06 2006 - 10:09:18 GMT
I don't know if it's possible, I didn't find anything in the
documentation, so here is an idea for a functionnality:

let's imagine that you index movies with the property "studio".
When searching, you sort the results with this property, to display
results grouped by studio:



My problem is with the speed of the search. If the user looks for a very
general word, it may give a huge amount of results. If you choose to
display results 100 by 100, as you sort first with the property, you may
have a very partial result on the first page. For example, if we choose
100 results per page, and if the search give 120 results for Universal,
the first page will show only Universal movies, not the other studios. 

What I would like to do is to return first the number of results per

Sony: 443 results
Universal: 866 results
Warner: 1254 results

Then the user can choose to display the complete results for a studio,
by relaunching a new search only on this studio. Or maybe can refine his

Currently, what I can do is only looking at the total number of results,
and display a "your search gave too many results, please refine or
choose a studio". But I can't give any information about the number of
results per studio. 

Maybe I can do this by outputing only the property during my search, and
then calculating the subtotal for each studio? It would be faster than
the typical output, wouldn't it?

Thanks in advance if you have any advice for my problem.

Received on Fri Jan 6 02:09:34 2006