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Re: installing swish-e on a Linux machine without gcc

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Mon Dec 26 2005 - 16:47:45 GMT
On Mon, Dec 26, 2005 at 08:15:14AM -0800, Philippe de Rochambeau wrote:
> Hello,
> is it possible to install swish-e on a Linux machine without gcc  
> (machine A), by compiling the source on a machine that has gcc  
> (machine B) and copying the shared libraries, binaries, etc. over to  
> machine A?

Yes. as long as the versions of libc are similar.  Did you check your
linux distribution to see if it supplies a binary version of swish?
If so, make sure it's not too old of a version of swish.

The INSTALL documentation mentions other methods of building swish.
You might try using --disable-shared to see if it reduces the
dependency on external libraries.

Check the swish-e archives.  I think there was some discussion how to
build an all static binary.

There's also a thread here:

> [root@webiht11-dumpty swish-e-2.4.3]#

You don't need to use root for building swish.

Bill Moseley

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