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Problem with description + suggestion for new functionnality

From: François Tissandier <francois.tissandier(at)>
Date: Fri Dec 16 2005 - 10:51:31 GMT
Hi everybody

I have a little problem:
I want to be able to search in the content of the description meta. 
I have a page with title "techserv", and I put "techserv, tech serv" in the description to be able to find the page no matter if you search for "tech serv" or "techserv". 

"UndefinedMetaTags index
The contents of the meta tag are indexed, but placed in the main index unless there's an enclosing metatag already in force. This is the default",

I thought I just needed to make sure that "description" was NOT in the list of metanames in my config file. This way the content of the meta would be indexed in the main index. That's what I did, but still, looking for "tech serv" doesn't return me the page... 

Am I reading this wrong ? (sorry english is not my main language...). 

Thanks in advance!

Also I have a proposal for a new functionnality, maybe it's already possible or someone proposed it, but here it is:

-I index on products, but not on their PDF technical datasheet. I would like to be able to index both the webpage for the product AND the datasheet, but to merge the result into only one answer. I don't want to have the PDF url as an answer, a PDF is a dead-end for a search, you can't click on anything. Instead, I would like to have the url of the product file. I know I can use a Replace rule in the config file to show the webpage url instead of the pdf url, but if I search on a word being in BOTH the webpage and the PDF, it will return me the url of the webpage TWICE, won't it? I think it would be nice to avoid this and return only one answer. If I merge two indexes, one for the PDF , and one for the webpages, I think it will return the address twice, right? I didn't find anything in the documentation about this problem. Please advise. 

Received on Fri Dec 16 02:51:40 2005