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Re: Configuration

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 15 2005 - 16:52:51 GMT
On Thu, Dec 15, 2005 at 11:44:38AM -0500, Lars D. Noodén wrote:
> 'swish-filter-test -v ' works for both file formats, or at least two test 
> files.  Here are two excerpts from the out put of swish-filter-test:
> 	Document ./ODF/deliverable_1.pdf was  filtered.
> 	   Document:     ./ODF/deliverable_1.pdf  (./ODF/deliverable_1.pdf)
> 	   Content-Type: text/html
> 	   Parser type:  HTML*

Ok, so the filter is working in the environment it's being tested.
The problem is that the document seems not to be filtered when run by

So the question is what's different between how you are running those
two things?

How are you running swish?

If you are using, say, then your next step is to make sure
it's filtered in that environment.

    ./ <your options> > files.out

and then edit files.out and make sure it's filtered.

You can enable swish-filter-test -v option by setting the environment
variable FILTER_DEBUG.

    FILTER_DEBUG=1 ./ ...

> Since the tests work, the problem seems to be with the config file, but 
> I'm not sure how to debug it.  The files (PDF and ODF) get processed by 
> the default filter, such as HTML2, but not run though either 
> SWISH::Filters::* module.

How are you running the filter?

Bill Moseley

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