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Improving SwishDescriptions

From: andy rosbrook <andy_rosbrook(at)>
Date: Fri Dec 09 2005 - 15:31:49 GMT
Hi all

Im currently using spider to pl to index web documents with this swish 


IndexName NotSet
IndexFile //var//www//html//andytest//index.swish-e
SwishProgParameters spider.config

DefaultContents HTML

StoreDescription HTML <body> 300
StoreDescription XML <body> 300
StoreDescription HTML2 <body> 300
StoreDescription XML2 <body> 300

MetaNames summary
MetaNameAlias summary description overview
UndefinedMetaTags auto


When i search the index created i get good resutls back, however the 
descriptions are a bit poor, is this because of my swish config?


If i were to search for 'car' in a normal html document, the description 
returned seems to be just pulled from the top of the body and not focused 
around the keyword as you would think, usual description is:

"Menu News Reviews Articles Downloads About Us Contact Us Links   Recent 
Reviews Browse all reviews Recent Articles There are no articles at this 
time Browse all articles Author : "

just all the header info?

any ideas on how i can improve descriptions? My only idea was to grab a huge 
description and chop it down manually with perl 100 words either side of the 
first occurence of the search term.


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Received on Fri Dec 9 07:32:01 2005