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Re: Config Troubles

From: fh hillsboro <linux(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 07 2005 - 21:44:43 GMT
Aha!  Actually, I came up with a similar thought while having lunch with 
my 4 year old.  Some of the directorys are referenced in the root 
index.html and some are not.  I added some dummy hrefs to TSC and others 
and that worked.  SFCC is a bit more interesting since it is the root of 
another domain which is virtual hosted.  That link goes to 
"" so it is not found in the domain.  If I search both domains, I get duplicate 
entrys.  If I search only, the links 
generated look funny but it works.  I have both domains in /etc/hosts 
with the same IP otherwise my web site doesn't work from inside my 
firewall (NAT). We're getting closer.  I didn't have to use dummy 
references when I figured this out last time.  Any other thoughts?

Peter Karman wrote:

>I assume there is a href link to SFCC/ within a .html file in the root dir?
Frank Hunt
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Received on Wed Dec 7 13:44:52 2005