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Web interface

From: George Mitrevski <mitrege(at)>
Date: Sat Nov 12 2005 - 20:39:49 GMT
Hi folks.

I am a new subscriber to the list, so please bear with me. I am
currently working on constructing a text corpus for an East European
language from texts that I have downloaded from the internet. The corpus
is used by linguists to search for examples of how certain words and
expressions are used. Swish-e might have served this purpose well if one
could search with Perl-like regular expressions. I constructed the
corpus with IMS Corpus Workbench, and now I am considering supplementing
it with Swish-e indexing of selected web sites, so that users can at
least search with a wildcard. Has anyone used Swish-e for building any
sort linguistics oriented indexes? My next question deals with an
appropriate interface for the output of the results. I looked at the
interface for searching the Swish-e List Archive, and it seems that it
would be the perfect solution. For my needs the actual document is not
as important a the context where the term is located. Namely, one can
set the right and left context, and that ALL instances of the search
term appear together one after the other. The other important issue is
that one can highlight the search term in the results. Is it possible to
get a copy of the script that runs the Swish-e List Archive (or a
similar one) search interface?


George Mitrevski

Foreign Languages                 tel. 334-844-6376
6030 Haley Center                  fax. 334-844-6378
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849
Received on Sat Nov 12 12:40:01 2005