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Re: Swish-e and OpenDocument and metadata

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 03 2005 - 18:00:57 GMT
> Thanks.  Looking at my own files, to get at the metadata and the content I
> need to extract two files:
>  	unzip -c wordprocessingfile.odt meta.xml content.xml |
> or at least just
>  	unzip -c wordprocessingfile.odt content.xml |
> How would I go about submitting one of these as a feature request for a
> subsequent version of swish-e?

seems to me this is a perfect job for SWISH::Filter and writing a filter.
Look at the other examples in the SWISH/Filter/*pm files in the
distribution and do a 'perldoc SWISH::Filter' to see the documentation.

Peter Karman . . peter(at)
Received on Thu Nov 3 10:00:58 2005