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Re: Swish-e and OpenDocument and metadata

From: Lars D. Noodén <lars(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 03 2005 - 16:29:32 GMT
Thanks.  Looking at my own files, to get at the metadata and the content I 
need to extract two files:
 	unzip -c wordprocessingfile.odt meta.xml content.xml |
or at least just
 	unzip -c wordprocessingfile.odt content.xml |

How would I go about submitting one of these as a feature request for a 
subsequent version of swish-e?

Having the default configuration of index the files would be useful. 
It's not a format as common, yet, as PDF.  But, these files are produced 
by recent versions of KOffice,, and StarOffice.  Gnumeric 
and AbiWord will eventually make files in that format, too.  Once the 
content is unzipped, it's XML.

Lars Nooden (
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On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, Peter Karman wrote:
>> Hi, I have two questions:
>> First, can Swish-e index OpenDocument files and the metadata in the
>> documents?  That PDF and MS-Word must first pass through a filter, but
>> that XML is processed.  OpenDocument is just zipped XML.  I ask because I
>> am looking to expand our list of packages[1] which handle the OpenDocument
>> format to ones beyond productivity packages.
> If it's XML, swish-e can handle it. You'd need to unzip it first, of
> course. Depending on how you intend to search it, you'll need to configure
> MetaNames and Properties accordingly. But by default, all text in the
> OpenDocument would be searched.
Received on Thu Nov 3 08:29:36 2005