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Swish-e and OpenDocument and metadata

From: Lars D. Noodén <lars(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 03 2005 - 16:11:25 GMT
Hi, I have two questions:

First, can Swish-e index OpenDocument files and the metadata in the
documents?  That PDF and MS-Word must first pass through a filter, but
that XML is processed.  OpenDocument is just zipped XML.  I ask because I
am looking to expand our list of packages[1] which handle the OpenDocument
format to ones beyond productivity packages.

Second, speaking of metadata, does the MetaNames listed in the document
contents directives mean that arbitrary metadata in HTML / XHTML
documents?  For example, if I index a site containing XHTML with lots of
Dublin Core[2], could I then search fields DC.Subject or DC.Creator
separately? I ask because I am quite curious about this and it was not
clear in the documentation.  A search of the site and its documentation
for 'metadata' turned up empty for me.



PS.  Thanks for a no-frames site.  I just got through with the ht://dig
site which is heavily encumbered by frames and am extra glad that Swish-e
has skipped them.

Lars Nooden (
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Received on Thu Nov 3 08:11:38 2005