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Re: Ordering Swish.cgi Search Results by swishdocpath

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 03 2005 - 02:32:33 GMT
Jon Sorensen scribbled on 10/31/05 8:47 AM:

> I am indexing a number of sites into a single index (spider conf below).
> I need to have one of these servers, '',
> to show up last in the results for swish.cgi except when sorted by
> swishdocpath
> from the search form. Would separating this out into antother index solve
> this problem?

In order to adjust the sorting, you need a property to sort on. Since you want 
to sort by URL, but not alphabetically, I'd suggest adding some kind of <meta> 
tag (.e.g, meriter) as you index, just to the files you want to sort last, and 
then change your swish.cgi code to sort by that property first unless sorted by 

I haven't tested any of this code, but this might get you pointed in the right 

Example swish config:

   PropertyNames meriter

Example content filter callback for

my %serverC = (
         base_url    => '',
         same_hosts  => [ qw/ ],
         email       => '',
   keep_alive  => 1,
      test_url    => sub {
          my $uri = shift;
             return 0 if $uri->path =~ /EmailForm\.pg/;
             return 0 if $uri->path =~ /PrinterFriendly\=true/;
             return 0 if $uri->path =~ /RelatedItems/;
             return 1;
   filter_content => sub {
        my $content_ref = $_[3];
        $$content_ref =~ s,</head>,<meta name='meriter' content='1' /></head>,i;
        return 1;
   use_md5  => 1,

Example mod to swish.cgi config:

   sorts => [qw/ meriter swishrank swishlastmodified swishtitle swishdocpath/],

and then the logic to change the sort based on if the current sort is by 
swishdocpath (around line 1507 in set_sort_order() ):

   my $sortby = $q->param('sort') || '';
   if ( $sortby eq 'swishdocpath' ) {

      shift @$sorts_array; # assumes that 'meriter' is first item in array


good luck,

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
Received on Wed Nov 2 18:32:57 2005