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SWISH-E and Windows XP and a definitive config file for scanning

From: J. David Boyd <david(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 20:54:38 GMT
This looks, sounds, and smells like a great project, and thanks to all
for the hard work that has been put in it to make it work so well (for
others, at this point, unfortunately :->)

I've read through the documentation, and perused all the archives of the
news list, and I am getting nowhere.

I can create an index, but it seems to be full of rubble.

swish-filter-test with the --contents flag correctly outputs what I
expect to see and to be indexed, but when I run swish-e (with a huge
variety of differing config files) I have been getting nowhere.

'swish-e -c xxx -T index_words_only'
'swish-e -c xxx -T parse_words'
or anything shows that the words it is finding are garbage.  It looks as
if the pdftotext code is not running.

I've tried various settings, but I must have my dunce cap on today.
I've gone through the docs, and tried to filter, spider, -S prog, you
name it, but I am obviously doing something very wrong.

Does anyone have a working setup that they can explain to me, so that I
can get it going here on my local windows XP machine.

I plan on indexing here on my XP machine, then searching off a Linux
web server, but that is another story, not to be worried about until later.

Thanks in advance,

Dave in Largo, FL
Received on Thu Oct 13 13:54:49 2005