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Working examples of $swish -> PropertyList() ?

From: Thomas R. Bruce <trb2(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 12 2005 - 12:41:14 GMT

I'm having a nasty time getting the PropertyList method to work in the 
Perl API; calls to it seem to just hang indefinitely, and strace is 
little help.
In context:

    my $swh = SWISH::API -> new('/some/index/somewhere.index 
    foreach my $db($swh -> IndexNames){
        my (@res) = $swh -> PropertyList($db);
        foreach my $r (@res){
            push @props, $r -> Name();
Hangs in the debugger at the first call to PropertyList().  I checked 
the archive, but the only discussion of PropertyList is as a method for 
SwishResult, not a swish handle.  The documentation curiously says that 
PropertyList's one parameter is an "open" index file -- is this 
significant in some way I'm just not getting?


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Director, Legal Information Institute
Cornell Law School

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Received on Wed Oct 12 05:41:30 2005