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Re: Installation

From: Roman Chyla <chyla(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 19 2005 - 07:12:16 GMT
I am sorry that I can not help, the time preasure (and my limited 
knowledge), but my preferred way was to download
that is a great help from Peter Karman, I do not know your specific 
needs, but please try it

you will need shell access, or you must build swish-e somewhere locally 
(with --static) and move it your webserver (the architecture must be the 
same though - and the operating system family too, I believe, I 
successfully done that with Linux(es) - and I guess that the paths must 
be the same - on build as well as on the target system - but this can be 
probably tweaked ?)

but generally, download, swish-e and libxml, zlib ...
/ --help
then issue command
--libxml=/var/home/knihovnik/tmp/libxml2-2.6.10.tar.gz --noxpdf --static 

I think there is no option to disable building of perl modules, you must 
specify writable dir

sorry if that looks too scary, it is not (for beginners it is a real 
pain to build swish-e on system that lacks some libraries, but will do it (most of the time) for you)


Peter Karman napsal(a):
> Don't know if you've received any offers of help offlist. There are probably 
> lots of folks on this list who could help.
> On a general note, any kind of installation help you get is going to be less 
> useful if you (or whomever your webmaster is) do not understand how swish-e is 
> set up on your system. Consider reading the docs, trying it yourself, and asking 
> on this list with \specific\ questions.
> good luck.
> Ron Filion scribbled on 9/14/05 4:23 PM:
>>Does any know of any volunteers who will assist a not-for-profit group to
>>install the swish-e package. Or do you know of any commercial alternatives,
>>people for-hire, or ?
Received on Mon Sep 19 00:12:33 2005