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ANNOUNCE: Sman 0.97 Released (indexer for man pages)

From: Josh Rabinowitz <joshr-swishe(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 30 2005 - 13:32:56 GMT
Hello Everyone:

I've just released Sman version 0.97!

Sman is a 'man -k' and 'apropos' replacement based on Swish-e and 
Perl. Sman indexes the complete text of your system's man pages and 
run on all tested UNIX-like OS's, including OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, 
Solaris, and others.

Sman is now on CPAN at
and on freshmeat at
as well as on my website at

Sman can also be installed through CPAN by typing:
   % sudo cpan Sman

Changes since version 0.95:

0.97   Mon Aug 29 2005
         Check that a sufficient SWISH::API version is installed,
           handle absence better
         Fixed Sman::IndexVersion, it now uses Sman::Config
         Handle errors in sman better
         Added --progress and --max options to sman-update
         Documentation updates
0.96   Fri Aug 26 2005
         Choose number of results to show based on rows returned from Term::Size
           (to override use sman's --max=N command line option)
         Put quotes around verbatim error string from swish-e if we show one
         Avoid warnings from zcat during sman-update autoconfiguration 
on OSX 10.4
         Use 'man -c' (and ENV_MANWIDTH) to actually wrap manpages to 
256 char lines
         Fix NAME section of sman-update perldocs (to fix problem of
           sman-update not appearing at )
         Document running as low-priv user in sman-update
         Update TODO and sman.conf documentation
         Show index update time in sman and sman-update --VERSION output
         Added /var/lib/sman/sman.index.version file and usage
         Use swish-e's rank scheme 1 by default if index allows

Please let me know if you have any comments or discover any bugs! 
Again, links for Sman are above!

Received on Tue Aug 30 06:33:20 2005