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problems with highlighting and output

From: <psydok(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 25 2005 - 10:23:03 GMT
Dear List,

I am using Swisw-e 2.4.3 to index pdf-, html- and postscipt-files and it is 
running under mod_perl. Everything works fine so far, but I have some 
trouble with the results swish-e generates.

first:  even though we enabled highlighting in our config-file, it does not 
work. It is especially confusing as our logfiles don't show any error.
second: the output shown (swishdescription) consists of the first words and 
lines of the indexed files but not of the context where the search terms 
were found.

I think these problems are linked. Any hints?

Thx a lot

Received on Thu Aug 25 03:23:12 2005