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Re: <font> tag appears in SwishTitle?

From: Loren Gordon <info1(at)>
Date: Fri Aug 19 2005 - 20:03:42 GMT
Oh, I see that setting now.  Yes, I'm using TemplateDefault.  And yes, if I select Title & Body, Title, or Document Path, then it looks just fine.  But if I select All, then the tags show up around the highlighted term.

What does a "warn" statement look like?


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From: Bill Moseley <>
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Subject: [SWISH-E] Re: <font> tag appears in SwishTitle?

> On Fri, Aug 19, 2005 at 10:30:56AM -0700, Loren Gordon wrote:
> > By output module, do you mean SWISH::DefaultHightlight,
> > SWISH::PhraseHighlight, and SWISH::SimpleHighlight? It's set up for
> > PhraseHighlight, which was the default. I just tried the other two,
> > but all three are displaying the <font> tags in the title when I
> > search under "All."
> No, which Template module are you using.  If you haven't changed from
> the default it's TemplateDefault.
> I don't really see where that would get escaped.  If you just search
> in the title then the highlighting works, but if you search ALL then
> the html is escaped (which displays it as text).  Right?
> In swish.cgi there's a bit of discussion about the problems with
> highlighting and escaping the html above the "add_result_to_list"
> function/method.
> It's not suppose to escape if a property is highlighted.  A few "warn"
> statements in that section would likely show what's wrong.  
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> Bill Moseley
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Received on Fri Aug 19 13:03:43 2005