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Configuring search.cgi to run w/mod_perl

From: Edmund Peirce <epeirce(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 22:54:10 GMT
hey all,

Sorry for cluttering the list about this, I'm learning as I go, i'm
new to mod_perl, and apache, so bear with me, if you would.

I have a simple installation of swish-e, everything is working fine,
except when I try to configure apache(apache2) to run the search.cgi
script as a mod_perl handler. I've tried the various examples in the
documentation on how to do this, however, to be honest, I'm really
having trouble understanding apaches config syntax - anytime I change
something, I usually get fatal syntax errors, and my server doesn't
load. My setup is very basic: one index, and one site being spidered.
The cgi script runs fine (located in /cgi-bin/search.cgi), and I am
loading the mod_perl module fine.

Is there a simple <perl></perl> directive I can add to httpd.conf to
get search.cgi to run as a mod_perl handler?  I'm about to just leave
it handled as it is, but I felt I should ask the list before I give up

Many thanks,

Received on Wed Aug 17 15:54:22 2005