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Issues with filenames and umlauts (

From: Thomas Nyman <thomas(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 10:31:44 GMT

I've been searching in the archives and see a ot of discussions  
concerning umlauts and international characters.

I search in word documents using catdoc and it works fine, no  
problems with umlauts or anything.

However filenames as such don not come out right.

For instance a file whos name is "mn.doc" looks like this when  
searched "män.doc ", however the contents of the file contain the  
right characters.

I tried adding a use locale; to the swish.cgi script but it made no  

I would prefer being able to have swedish characters in filenames but  
at the moment i'm at a loss as to where i should look for a solution.  
SInce catdoc can do it I assume my  locale settings are correct, but  
if not. then where in swish-e do i set the locale to use?

Thanks for any tips

Received on Wed Aug 3 03:31:50 2005