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Re: using DC.Date.modified for swishlastmodified property

From: Peter Karman <peter(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 21 2005 - 03:37:19 GMT
Peter Farmer scribbled on 7/20/05 9:35 PM:

> Hi,
> Can anyone confirm that if I want to use an alternative HTML metadata 
> element (in this case the Dublin Core Date.modified element) as the 
> swishlastmodified property for an indexed  document (via 
> ProperyNameAlias) that the only encoding scheme that will work is 
> 'seconds since the UNIX epoch' ?

Yes. see

> Is there a recommended way to extend swish-e cleanly to do the 
> conversion or do I have to modify core swish-e code to enable detection 
> of W3C-DTF date metadata  and convert it to unix epoch format ?
> Or would it be better idea to extend the spider to preconvert the 
> DC.Date.modified values before passing to swish-e ?

the last: pass in the epoch value via spider.

> If I do need to modify swish-e, is it this facility something that 
> would be able to be folded back in to the main code base, rather that 
> me having to maintain a forked version ?

You don't need to modify swish-e. Just pass in epoch seconds. You can get it 
back in other formats (see SWISH-RUN and look for 'epoch' and the -x option); if 
using the Perl SWISH::API, there are lots of ways of manipulating date stamps 
(localtime() for one).

Peter Karman  .  .  peter(at)
Received on Wed Jul 20 20:37:31 2005