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problem with incremental indexing

From: Uwe Dierolf <swishe(at)>
Date: Wed Jul 20 2005 - 14:47:12 GMT
Jose, Bill and all the other swish-e developers,

since one week we are using swish-e (actual version from cvs)
with incremental indexing option for our swish-e based OPAC

When updating only a few records all works fine.
But if we are updating a lot of records swish-e aborts
with an segmentation fault.

Jose, would you please be so kind to fix this bug?

You will find all of our testdata and a script for testing
the above behaviour on our web server:

There you will find an 8 MB file "test-incremental.tar" 
which contains zipped XML data files.

Hope you can find the bug.

Another questions concerns search speed.
When using the incremental version of swish-e (based on the berkeley db)
normal searches are as fast as before. But the search result 
contains a lot of records incremental swish-e is 10 times slower
than "normal", not-incremental swish-e.
Can we have hope that there will be a better performance possible
in the future?

Thanks a lot to all of you.

Bye, Uwe Dierolf

Uwe Dierolf
University of Karlsruhe - University Library
P.O.Box 6920, 76049 Karlsruhe, Germany
phone(fax) : 49/721/608-6076(4886)
www        :
Received on Wed Jul 20 07:47:14 2005