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can swish-e index mail folders?

From: don fong <dfong(at)>
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 18:34:03 GMT
hello.  i'm a swish-e newbie.  i have downloaded, built, and
installed the latest swish-e tarball.  what i would like to do
is index a mailing list archive.

the archive is a set of unix
mailbox files, one for each month, going back 15 years.  is
there a way to configure swish-e (either the search or indexing
or both) so that i can search for individual messages within
the archive?  for example, i might want to search for messages
containing the both of the words "bush" and "bike".  but doing
this the naive way might turn up a folder where one message
contains the word "bush" and another message contains "bike".

can swish-e do this?  is there some other archive format
(other than one file per message) that would facilitate using
swish to do this kind of thing?

thanks in advance for any advice.
Received on Fri Jul 8 11:34:08 2005