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force config reread ?

From: Stefan Klett <s_teve(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 10:12:47 GMT

While testing my extensions to TranslateChars i observed the following 
behavior in evocing swish-e (the complete command line follows below)

My Extensions rely on a initial call to parse_conffile:getdefaults
-all works nicely in processing the first call (the indexing)

but my version of TranslateChars fails- because it lacks its lookuptables 
correctly filled in. By putting in a puts(blah) at the beginning of 
getdefaults  i found out that there is 
no call to initial call to getdefault in  case of the search-command.

The results are crippled lacking their umlaut chars/strings completely
(because the tables are empty)
Anyone around to give me hint why this is like it is - and hopefully an 
easy way round it :-) ?

Here are the commands in detail:

cat ./indices/xopac.0.xml.lst | /home/klett/bin/swish-e -c 
/swish-e/opac.conf -S prog -i stdin
bin/swish_wordlist ./indices/.opac.0.index

/home/klett/bin/swish-e -c ./swish-e/opac.conf -f ./indices/opac.0.index 
-w 'Titel=öffentlich' -s Jahr desc Kurztitel -x 

Thank you  a lot in advance
Received on Thu Jun 9 03:12:52 2005