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Something wrong with the example in the website?

From: Lionel lau <lbc4swish(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 07:31:26 GMT
I wanted to just test-run a working model of swish-e
on my apache web server.

I tried to follow the example in the website under:

Install > Searching and spidering using a web form

I followed till the step when I tested the swish.cgi
on the browser. I entered a search phrase and clicked
'search' but the page refreshed with exactly the same
page before i clicked 'Search'

I tried using the command line search and it works

Another thing:
Running the following code only indexes 1 file on my
web server instead of multiple files as in the example

Command line:
 ~/web_index$ swish-e -S prog -c swish.conf 

7736 unique words indexed.
5 properties sorted.                                  
147 files indexed.  2090125 total bytes.  200783 total

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Received on Mon Jun 6 00:31:27 2005