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Swishdesription does not work

From: ALEXIA CARDONA <acar024(at)>
Date: Mon May 09 2005 - 19:53:55 GMT
Hi, i tried to store <h1> in storedescription.  Below is my configuration
file.  I do : swish-e -w cherry -x "<swishrank>:<swishdescription>" and
the output is 1000:.  even though the docuemnt indexed contains a <h1>
tag.  can someone tell me what is swishdescription is not working please?

IndexName "Swish-e Index"
IndexDescription "AHNAR indexing by SWISH-E"
IndexAdmin "Alexia Cardona"

IndexDir ./docs

# FuzzyIndexingMode Stemming_en2

# ignore the total number of words in the file when calculating ranking
IgnoreTotalWordCountWhenRanking no

# Only index .html .htm
IndexOnly .html .htm

# To make Swish-e index links as normal text, you may use:
HTMLLinksMetaName swishdefault

IndexReport 3

IgnoreWords File: ./english.txt

IndexContents HTML* .htm .html .shtml
StoreDescription HTML <h1>
Received on Mon May 9 12:53:56 2005