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default max results per screen

From: Andy McKell, FOCUS Internet <mac(at)>
Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 13:48:32 GMT
I'm just starting with swish-e and am still very unfamiliar with where the 
various files reside.
I have not built my own Template but am trying to fully understand the 
default in order to build a template.

In the file Template, the subroutine "show_template" imports 
various values:-

>sub show_template {
>     my ( $class, $template_params, $results ) = @_;

The default maximum number of results per screen is 15 and this appears to 
be imported in $template_params.

Where is this default value set - and by implication, can it be changed?

Andy McKell
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Received on Mon Apr 25 06:48:37 2005